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The Impact of Scar Tissue


Scar tissue can affect your health in so many ways. It creates lines of tension that constrict circulation, lymphatics, efficiency of muscle and tendon action. Scar tissue also creates a tether tha...

This article is the tip of the iceberg for what's to come this fall. I (Dr. Tony from Bare Necessities Body & Soul PT) am in the process of creating a workshop for moms that have had c sections. The workshop is for mom and partner and will include comprehensive information on the impact of abdominal scar tissue after a major surgery (such as symptoms that the scar can cause), scar assessments, treatment techniques and one on one time with each couple to maximize their effort to help mom heal whether she had a c section recently or years ago. Scar treatment is vital to optimal health and well being and can reduce a lot of pain and symptoms that you may not have known were being caused by the scar. Stay tuned for more info this fall!